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Northampton Swing Dance Society

Established 8th November 1999

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These days Geof Connolly, who founded Northampton Swing Dance Society in November 1999, and who has Parkinsons disease, and because of this degenerative condition cannot now play such an active part, has given over control to Ray & Ali Carver who will now lead the dance classes each week, with other teachers 'guesting' from time-to-time.

Geof continues as a very real presence, inspiring and entertaining classes from time to time with his impish good humour, and expanding the Lindy Hop horizon with his eclectic choice of music.

Frankie Manning Centennial

26th May, 2014 was designated 'World Lindy Hop Day' to celebrate (what would have been) the 100th Birthday of Frankie Manning. WikipwediA

As part of this celebration, and in concert with Lindy Hoppers around the world, the Northampton Swing Dance Society performed the Lindy Chorus as choreographed by Frankie Manning himself. Click HERE to see the result!



























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