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Northampton Swing Dance Society

Established 8th November 1999

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Geof Connolly

Geof Connolly is an experienced dance teacher and has been teaching dance for over 20 years. His dance career began teaching Jive through the 1990's and his passion now lies with Balboa and Lindy Hop, where he has been teaching this style since 1999.

Geof developed the Lindy Hop scene in Northampton throughout the 'noughties', extending his reach to Leicester and Bedford during this decade before handing over to Ian, Fran, Diane, Christobel and others in Leicester and to Mike & Mel in Bedford.

As part of his development of the Lindy Hop 'scene' Geof attracted national and international-standard teachers to take occasional charge of his classes in Northampton and organised two main one-day Workshop & dance events: 'Swing's the Thing' - held in January in Leicester and 'Bring it to Bedford' - held in August in that town.

The 10th anniversary celebration of the founding of Northampton Swing Dance Society ecompassed an afternoon of Workshops - 20's Charleston, Balboa, the Dean Collins Shim-sham, and Lindy Hop classes hosted by Ryan and Jenny and an evening dance with music selected by Gary 'The Duke' Boon, Jazzy Geof and 'Pinball Paul', and a fabulous cabaret performance by Ryan and Jenny.

Geof's enthusiasm for dance is matched with his love of music (especially 'Northern Soul') and this twin passion is complemented by just a little bit of madness. Would you believe that he once lead a peformance routine using the Pussy Cat Dolls' chart hit 'Don't Cha' that he had originally choreographed to Andy Kirk's 'Wednesday Night Hop', or that he has now choreographed the Shim-sham to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller'?!!

These days Geof Connolly, who has Parkinsons disease, and because of this degenerative condition cannot now play such an active part, has given over control to Ray & Ali Carver who will now lead the dance classes each week, with other teachers 'guesting' from time-to-time, most recently Sandy & Sarah from SwingDance MK.

Geof continues as a very real presence, inspiring and entertaining classes from time to time with his impish good humour, and expanding the Lindy Hop horizon with his eclectic choice of music.

Ray & Ali Carver

Ray & Ali, founders of Midlands Dancing, based in Market Harborough, have been teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa, Bal-Swing, and other dances popular in the 1940s, since 2009 and bring with them their own brand of fun.

Ray & Ali are also the founders of MHUG - the Market Harborough Ukulele Group, which meets on Wednesdays 7 - 9.30pm, in the Congregational Church Hall, Market Harborough, LE16 7JD. - View Map


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